Here we explain about experts and customers who use and recommend DuoPad in the prevention/treatment RSI problems.

Experts on DuoPad


Ref-KAN”I recommend that my patients with wrist problems, tennis elbow or shoulder problems, who sits in front of computer to use DuoPad to both prevent RSI and alleviate the pain.”

Thomas Östling, Chiropractor


Logo-AdolfFredriks”We are seeing an increase in RSI problems in our patients. Even children who sit in front of computer are starting unfortunately to be at risk.
As we have been involved in testing the product and recommend it as well as being distributors of DuoPad, we believe it is a cheap and good investment to prevent RSI and carpal tunnel syndrome.”

Anders Jansten, MD


Ref-Pausen“If we can get our customers to think proactively in combination with treatment, we will have many grateful customers.
With regard to prevention of RSI products and carpal tunnel syndrome we have chosen DuoPad, which is a smart wrist support. One million people in Sweden suffer from RSI …
We do not want you to be one of them!”

Eva Stigberg, Certified Massage Therapist and Licensed Adjustments/Functional Trainer

Duopad’s Customers



Ref-Arndts“After 3 days at our new office, I got RSI, it was perhaps not so surprising as I was lifting the phone perhaps 170 lifts per day. I even had to charge arms while using the mouse because I had cramps. Shortly after, I got to test DuoPad and since then I have not had cramps in my arm once. I use it every day and cannot even consider stopping! ”

Andreas Hautala


Strid & Co“As an entrepreneur and consultant, I work a lot with my laptop. I have not had any symptoms of either RSI, tennis elbow or a stiff neck and was therefore a little puzzled as to whether I really need a duopad?
Then I thought, why should I wait until I get symptoms from working with my laptop. I do not use it every day, but always do when I have long days at the computer, or if I am working on one of my forthcoming books.

Now the hours pass and I feel I have done what I can to prevent future symptoms. If it does not completely prevent it, at least it will extend my trouble free time for as long as possible. It is not worth the risk.”

Björn Strid, MD

Big Travel

Logo-BigTravel“Some days I sit in front of my computer for hours without leaving my chair, in order to find the best travel deals for our customers. Some time ago, I noticed slight pain and a dull ache in my shoulders and wrist while I went about my everyday business. After using DuoPad for a while, the pain stopped significantly and now I use it to stop the symptoms coming back, with really good results.
Unfortunately, people are pretty lazy when it comes to preventive products, but it works well for me.”

Tina Ståhl, Travel Agent

The Store

Logo-TheStore“As soon as we have a DuoPad on our table a discussion will start. “Does it work” “Can I try it?” “Comfortable!” and “I think it should look like this”…’

This means that DuoPad have been doing their homework, that their product creates interest and curioisty. I think that it is the result of a innovative product with a lot of potential…”

Gisela Bovin, CEO


Ref-Konsulthuset”Some time ago I bought a small MacBook Air as I often work as a consultant on the go and wanted a small computer. It had a trackpad instead of a mouse. After a fairly short time I noticed a tiredness in my wrist when I was working at the computer. It got worse and worse and I started to feel pain in the elbow too, and my wrist was almost seizing up. I then tried to find things to put in front of the computer to rest my wrist on, but it all got messy and impractical.
When I discovered DuoPad, I figured it couldn’t hurt to try. It turned out to be a great success, as now I always have support wherever I put my hand. It is very practical and the pain has almost completely disappeared. ”

Sven J. Sigling, Consultant