About Us

DuoPad’s mission is, through our patented product, to help as many as possible to avoid RSI and Carpal tunnel syndrome.

Om DuoPad

DuoPad is a company that offers products to prevent and treat RSI. DuoPad provides companies, organizations and individuals a unique, patented Swedish aid against RSI and carpal tunnel syndrome.

DuoPads founding principle is that money spent on employee health will be a profitable investment through reduced costs of absenteeism.

DuoPad first came to being when one of the company’s founders, an RSI sufferer who had tried various treatments without results, had a brainwave. He realized that one of the problems was that his arm constantly moved between the keyboard and mouse. There were methods of support available at the keyboard but not at the mouse.

He realised that the support needed to be connected to the wrist, to enable the arm to move freely while being supported. To avoid uneven positioning of the computer user, support was needed for both wrists. Thus, DuoPad was born.

DuoPad has been tested and refined in close collaboration with leading ergonomists and physiotherapists. It is now a fully developed and patented product that has helped and continues to help many RSI sufferers, as well as to prevent RSI-free computer users from developing the condition.


“With a Swedish patented device we will treat and prevent RSI and carpal tunnel syndrome in adults, teenagers and children using the computer.”